Astro-Physics Washerless Safety Stop for 1.875" Counterweight Shafts

Brand: Astro-Physics

SKU : AP-M12676

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Product Details

  • Astro-Physics Washerless Safety-Stop for 1.875" Diameter Counterweight Shafts

    This handy one-piece, washerless safety stop is machined from a solid piece of aluminum and anodized black. It fits in the end of all of the current style 1.875" diameter counterweight shafts: the 19.5"- (M12601-D), 14"- (M9404-A) and 10.7"- (M1053-A), as well as the counterweight shaft extension (M12675). It also fits into your mount's Declination Axis itself for storage and transport. The Safety Stop's large threads and washerless, one-piece design make it a pleasure to use, especially in the field. It screws into the shaft-end of the declination axis for storage and transport, providing both protection for your mount and a place where it won't get lost! Because it will turn, be careful if using the Safety Stop as a handle when lifting your Dec. axis. Astro-Physics Product Number: M12676

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