Astro-Physics Control Box Adapter for GTOCP2, 3, or 4


Astro-Physics' Mounts used with this adapter:

  • Mach1GTO
  • 400GTO
  • 600EGTO
  • 900GTO
  • 1200GTO


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Astro-Physics Control Box Adapter for GTOCP2, 3, or 4

An Adapter for attaching an AP-GTOCP4, 3, or 2 Control Box at the base of your mount, pier, or tripod.  


Mounts and Control Boxes which can use or need this adapter:

  • This adapter was not shipped with the first production Mach1GTO mounts before 4-15-2007.
  • AP-400GTO and AP-600EGTO: This adapter can be used in place of the fabric pouch originally provided with the AP-GTOCP3 or 2. If you upgrade to the AP-GTOCP4, it will not fit the original fabric pouch, you will need this adapter.
  • For AP-900GTO and AP-1200GTO: If you plan to purchase the AP-GTOCP4 and attach it to the side of your pier (rather than the R.A. axis) this is the adapter that you will need.

This Control Box Adapter features thumb screws on one end and a dovetail on the other end to fit the dovetail grooves on your control box. The adapter can be mounted from four different attachment points including the top one which angles the control box out a bit to clear legs or struts. The adapter can also be mounted with either end yo or down if a particular orientation works better for your situation.


A full assortment of fasteners is provided for the various mounting applications. 

Astro-Physics Control Box Adapter for GTOCP2, 3, or 4-DWG

  • Image: Hole numbers are for your reference only.
  • Control Box and Cables: The manufacturer advises mounting the Control Box Adapter (AP-CBAPT) on the south side to allow more efficient routing of the cables and to keep the cables from getting caught or tangled as the mount slews. This is especially the case with the 400 and 600E mounts. It is less critical with the Mach1GTO since the fastening point is not straight north and since cables can be routed through the inside of the mount. In any case, be aware of possible interference from accessories like cameras and motorized focusers that may both "stick out" from the scope's normal profile and may have cables to get caught.

If you find that parts of your pier or tripod interfere with the placement of this adapter, you may wish to consider Astro-Physics's AP-Q6280KIT, which features a 1.8-inch (43 mm) extension.

This Pier/Tripod Control Box Adapter (CBAPT) can be used with the GTOCP4, GTOCP3 or GTOCP2 control boxes when they are mounted on the side of a pier or tripod.

It might be possible to use it with OEM mounts that use our GTO Servo Drive System depending on the pier configuration. 

Note: If you plan to use this adapter with your 900GTO or 1200GTO mount, you will need a longer y-cable (AP-SGYCR2345 OR AP-SGYCR2950, respectively.