Astro Physics Wide T-Ring for Canon - Stainless Steel Bayonet

Brand: Astro-Physics


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Product Details

  • This adapter from Astro Physics allows you to attach your DSLR camera to any focuser that accepts 2-inch slip-in accessories. This adapter is designed to greatly reduce vignetting when using a DSLR camera with a focuser, making good use of a much larger than standard 1.875-inch diameter inside EOS bayonet. The main body is precision machined aluminum that has been anodized black, and the bayonet itself is machined stainless steel with both the body and the bayonet baffled and painted flat black on the inside. The bayonet provides precise and solid camera connection. The adapter's nosepiece has a uniquely designed safety taper that will ensure a very orthogonal fit when used with a 2-inch compression-ring clamp. For convenience, it includes a 48 mm filter thread to expand your options for imaging creativity. This nosepiece has a net spacing distance of 1.70-inch (43.2 mm). Add the camera's faceplate to sensor distance of 1.73-inch (43.9 mm) for a total spacing of 3.43-inch (87.1 mm).

  • specifications

    Adapter Side A1.875" Inside EOS Bayonet
    Adapter Side B2"

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