Astro Physics Power Cables for GTOCP4

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Astro Physics Power Cables for GTOCP4

Built with a more robust design than the previous model, these power cables provide a more solid and consistent connection. 

The Power Cable Set includes 3 cables with a clip:

  • 6' Cable with 2-Pin locking connector on one end and the Anderson Powerpole connectors on the opposite end. The 2-pin connector provides a solid connection to the GTOCP4 and the Anderson Powerpoles offer flexibility for various power options. The black cable remains flexible for cold weather when you really need it
  • 18" Power Cable Extension with Cigarette Lighter Plug and Powerpole Connector
  • 18" Power Cable Extension with Ring Terminals and Powerpole Connector 
  • A clip to secure the 6' cable to whichever extension you choose.

Creation of your own extension cable is also possible by using Anderson Powerpole connectors and components.

Mounts that need this cable: All mounts upgrading from previous control boxes.