Astro-Physics 8" Extension for 6" Eagle Pier

Brand: Astro-Physics


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An 8-Inch Extension! 

Adds More Height to your 6-Inch Eagle Pier!



Product Details

  • This beautifully machined Extension for your Astro-Physics' 6-Inch Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier provides an additional 8-inches in height to your versatile pier. Each extension is made from a single piece of thick walled aluminum with an overall length of 8.15/16-inches. The extension is extremely rigid and will not compromise the stability of the 6-inch Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier.


    Astro-Physics 8" Extension for 6" Eagle PierThe richly black anodized extension features 6 slots at the top for attaching the pier adapter of the AP Mach1GTO or of the 400, 600, or 600E series mounts. By including drilled and tapped holes every 60-degrees around the extension's base and center, the extension allows positioning of these mounts with one of the pier's legs pointing toward or away from your respective pole according to your personal preference.


    With this 6-Inch Eagle Pier Extension of 8-inches, it is possible to achieve a pier height of 44-inches with the legs brought in to a 36-inch circle footprint. The picture at right shows the pier set at 40-inches high with the legs fully extended.


    The 8-inch Extension can also be used in our 6-inch diameter portable piers as well as in the tripod adapter (AP-ADATRI). What a versatile and cost-effective way to add necessary height to your current set-up!


    Note: A second extension can be added, but we recommend that you only do so with the legs fully extended to their 48-inch circle footprint (net gain is 4-inches), and that you not balance a large (especially a long) instrument on top.


    The 8-inch Extension includes a set of three (3) plastic knobs (shown). You may wish to upgrade with our elegant 1/4-20 Machined Knob Kit (AP-M1485KBKIT).



    • 8.945-inches overall length
    • 8-inch extension length
    • 6.189-inch diameter
    • Weight: 3-pounds  (1.4 kg).


    Image Note: The Eagle Pier shown is for use purposes only and by purchased separately. 

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  • included items


    • 8-Inch Extension for 6" Eagle Pier
    • (3) Plastic Knobs



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