Astro-Physics 3.5-inch Rotating Focuser with Feather Touch Micro 9:1 Dual-Speed - Adapters Included

Brand: Astro-Physics


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Product Details

  • This is Astro-Physics newest and finest Feather Touch focuser, ready to usher in a new era of focusing technology! This 3.5-inch Rotating Focuser features a whole slew of cutting edge features and developments and is more than ready to amaze you while helping to enable your greatest astronomical dreams. 

    Designed to Surpass Expectations

    Astro Physics made sure to create a focuser that operated well above and beyond the demands of modern high quality imaging. Today's smaller pixel cameras can magnify any focuser flexure problems, so Astro-Physics engineered this focuser from the ground up, reviewing every part so that even the heaviest cameras would be free from flexure and have focusing repeatability. Contrast is maximized by more than a dozen knifes-edge baffles that have been machined into the wall of the drawtube and painted flat black, eliminating any internal reflections.

    A Perfect 'Feel' Every Time

    It's a well known fact that different astronomers prefer a different 'feel' to their focusers, due to differing requirements and desires for imaging and visual adventures. One of the key features of this 3.5-inch focuser is that the 'feel' of it can quickly and easily be adjusted on the fly, as needed, from situation to situation and moment to moment. There are two adjuster screws located on the underside of the housing. By slightly tightening or loosening the screws one changes the resistance that is felt when turning the focuser knobs. They should be adjusted equally, but it's all up to you!

    Locking and Rotating

    The design of this amazing focuser implements both a locking brake in the form of a thumbscrew located on the underside of the focuser block, and a 'captains wheel' style rotatable focuser design. The locking brake allows you to quickly change the tension when using heavier eyepieces or to completely lock the focuser, depending on the pressure exerted. The "captain's wheel" locking collar is loosened to rotate the focuser and then tightened to lock the focuser at any chosen angle. To remove the focuser, one simply unscrews the collar completely.

    Adaptability and Upgrades

    The 3.5" AP Feather Touch Focuser is a splendid choice as an upgrade to the Astro-Physics 'Gran Turismo', as they both share the same design and thread size. Simply thread one off an the other one on. Meanwhile, this focuser also comes packaged with a 3.5-inch circular dovetail to 2.7-inch AP thread, a 2.7-inch AP thread to 2-inch compression and a 2-inch to 1.25-inch compression. These adapters greatly expand the options for use of this focuser.

    Manufacturer's Product Number: 35FOCER-FT

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