Astro-Physics 2" Visual Back for Standard Rear Cells

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Astro-Physics 2" Visual Back for Standard Rear Cells

Astro-Physics 2" Standard Visual Back

This visual back fits rear cells that have a 2" opening with a 24 TPI (threads per inch) male thread and is 2.06" long. It can be used with the 8", 9.25" (except the 9.25" Celestron EdgeHD) or other SCT with the standard SCT rear cell. It can also be used with the Maksutov-Cassegrain scopes from Telescope Engineering Company (TEC) that have this specification.

This AP visual back allows you to use 2" accessories that slip in, i.e. 2" diagonals, Barlows, 2" eyepieces or CCD camera. The ADASCT also fits DayStar T-Scanner cover that has male T-thread.





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  • H? , Do you know Depth of eyepiece holder inside ? Thanks Nadir

    Good morning and thanks for asking. Astro Physics reports that distance as 53.3mm.

  • I have an ca 1980 vintage orange C8. Will this work with my 'scope ??? Thanks!

    Yes. Thankfully, Celestron has held well to their thread-standard for a long, long time.

  • Will this work on a Celestron Edge HD800?

    Hey Steve, thanks for reaching out. Yes this will work with that scope.

  • Will your Astro Physics 2" visual back fit my Celestron 11" NexStar GPS SCT?

    This adapter will fit the standard 2" back, although you may want to use the larger AP-ADASCTLC to connect to the 3.29" larger rear thread to give you more than 2" diameter all the way to the diagonal.

  • will your Astro-Physics 2" Visual Back for Standard Rear Cells fit my Celestron NexStar 6" SCT? Thanks for your time.

    Hello Dewi, Thank you for your question. This part will fit into any rear cell that is 2" 24TPI so this will indeed work on the rear cell of the Celestron NexStar 6" SCT.