Astro-Physics 2" Advanced Convertible Barlow

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Astro-Physics 2" Advanced Convertible Barlow

The 2-Inch Advanced Convertible Barlow by Astro-Physics:

The Astro-Physics Advanced Convertible Barlow in the 2-Inch size, has a unique design that provides several configurations to increase the focal length of your telescope. It was designed to match the characteristics of small and medium size CCD chips. It is also ideal for high-power visual observation and lunar-planetary-solar photography.

The AP 2-inch Advanced Convertible Barlow can be used conventionally by inserting an eyepiece or a camera's nosepiece into its 2-inch locking adapter. Alternatively, the optic section can be separated from the 2-inch locking adapter and screwed directly into a camera's faceplate, a threaded nosepiece, or extension tubes for a flexure-free fitting. It has both 42 mm and 48 mm threads for versatility.


Advanced Convertible Barlow Features:

  • Flat field for imaging and visual
  • Very effective high-tech coatings eliminate ghost images
  • Screws into front nosepiece of cameras and diagonals
  • Ideal for medium size CCD sensors
  • Greater than 98-percent light transmission
  • Large field optic eliminates vignetting even with f/6 optics

This redesigned optic features a flatter field, allowing it to be used for deep-sky photography when increased magnification of smaller objects is desired. Naturally, additional exposure time will be required. Changing the spacing distance will change the magnification of the Barlow (90 mm back spacing is ideal, yielding 2.0x magnification). The sweet spot of the flatter field is between 1.8x and 2.5x.

The 2-element design of the AP 2-Inch Advanced Convertible Barlow preserves the fine color correction of the main objective. The optical elements are precision ground and polished to insure that no aberrations are introduced into the system. The Barlow focal length is 102 mm, which is longer than conventional types. This minimizes the divergence of the edge rays and therefore reduces the apparent vignetting common in many eyepieces. The Barlow features a brass locking ring that clamps eyepieces and accessories securely, yet will not mar their fine surfaces.

The Advanced Convertible Barlow's flat field is optimized for APS-C and smaller sensors (such as the 8300 and 3200 sensors). Using this Barlow with an f/8 refractor provides round stars over 90-percent of the field, and over 80-percent of the field with an f/6.3 refractor.


Note the following positions and resulting magnifications (Distance from rear of Barlow to focal plane, measured from 2-inch barrel):

  • Minimum recommended mag: 1.8x, 70 mm back focus distance
  • Normal magnification: 2.0x, 90 mm back focus distance
  • Maximum recommended mag: 2.5x, 134 mm back focus distance


OPT Product Number: AP-BARADV 



ManufacturerAstro Physics

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  • 1. Is this "open box" 'scope new or used? 2. is it complete with GPS? 3. Is it complete with all software.

    This listing is just for the 8" optical tube assembly (OTA) with no fork arms or tripod, so there is no GPS, software, or GoTo. The scope is in Like New condition according to the technician who wrote up the paperwork. A customer sold it to us as used but

  • Hi just wondering if The meade field derotator can be used on other telescopes  like celestron cpc 800 xlt gps?

    Unfortunately, no. The field derotator pugs into the LX200 control panel on the fork arm base, and Celestron does not have the same style of 12v ports on the CPC telescopes.

  • I usually do imaging with a Canon T3i DSLR at prime focus. Can I use Barlow between my diagonal and the camera to increase magnification?

    Hello Tinc, Thank you for your question. You can indeed use this barlow with your T3I to increase your magnification. Keep in mind however that your focal ratio will be longer and as a result, your exposures will need to be longer as well if you're

  • Is this compatible with a Nikon D 610? 

    According to Astro-Physics: The Advanced Convertible Barlow’s flat field is optimized for APS-C and smaller sensors (such as the KAF-8300 and KAF-3200 CCD sensors). Using this Barlow with an f/8 refractor provides round stars over 90% of the field, and ov