Astro-Physics 25 Amp Variable Volt Power Supply

Brand: Astro-Physics


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Product Details

  • A Powerwerx  25 Amp Power Supply from Astro-Physics offers the advantage of variable voltage so that you can dial up 15 Volts and keep the mount motors happy when they are powering heavy loads or when they are being used in cold climates.

    The Powerwerx dual metered digital power supply is designed to supply 25 Amps continuous and 28 Amps surge. It features user variable output (5 to 16V DC) by adjusting the front mounted knob, or fixed 14.1V DC output. Power output is through the rear mounted 1/4-inch binding posts, using ring terminal connects (available as part of our CP4 power cable set), banana plugs or compression connectors.

    We always recommend that the mount have its own power supply and that other accessories be on a separate supply. Use one for the mount and one for the accessories. This power supply will allow you to set voltage at 12 Volts instead of 13.8 Volts if sensitive CCD cameras are being used.

    • LED display: volts and amps
    • DC output: fixed 14.1 and adjustable 5 to 16 Volts
    • Output amperage: 25 Amp continuous and 28 Amp peak
    • Input voltage: user selectable 115V AC or 230V AC
    • Fan: Quiet internal cooling fan
    • Rear mounted ¼-inch binding posts
    • Size: 6.1 x 5 x 2.5-inches (155 mm x 127 mm x 64 mm)
    • Weight: 3.7-pounds (59-ounces) (1.678 kg)
    • Meets CE/LVD standard for export to EU


    This 25A power supply is cooled by convection and forced air cooling (normal airflow around the power supply in combination with a temperature controlled fan to improve cooling at higher levels of use). The fan is temperature activated and the speed is controlled by a sensor. When the temperature rises, the fan speed increases.

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