Astro-Physics 23" P-Style Dovetail Plate

Brand: Astro-Physics


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Product Details

  • The Astro-Physics' robust 23-Inch P-style Dovetail Plate measures 7.65-inches at the widest portion of the dovetail and 1.2-inches thick to carry your heavy loads with ease. This plate bridges the gap between the 3-inch Losmandy D-style plates and the giant 9.9-inch dovetail plates designed for the 3600GTO (the width dimensions refer to the lower dovetail portion of the plate). They refer to this as a P-Style plate since PlaneWave Instruments originated this dovetail specification for their larger scopes.

    The SBPW23 pairs up with their 16.8-inch P-style Dovetail Saddle (AP-DOVEPW) to make a truly solid "Dynamic Duo". The AP-DOVEPW saddle can be used with the AP-3600GTO, AP-1600GTO, or AP-1200GTO mounts.

    This mid-size  plate was designed with the increased load capacity of the AP-1600GTO mount in mind. The plate's enhanced strength and rigidity, along with a versatile hole-pattern, offers a variety of instrument configurations. It allows the attachment of large instruments lengthwise at a number of balance points and also serves as a rigid side-by-side bar for mounting multiple scopes.

    The schematic image below details the hole-patterns and showing the many options for attaching a wide variety of mounting rings, as well as Astro-Physics' 16-Inch Easy-Balance Dovetail Saddle (AP-DOVELM162) and even the AP-DOVEPW in side-by-side arrangements. The smaller 8.5-inch Dovetail Saddle (AP-DOVEDV10) can be attached at the ends of the plate, but can not be further inset, as its knobs interfere and do not contain the internal socket screw that allows tightening with a hex key.

    For an added measure of safety, a series of matching through-holes in the AP-DOVEPW saddle and tapped ¼ - 20 holes in this 23-inch dovetail plate allow the setup to be bolted into its final position through both plates once adequate balance is achieved. This is especially useful for permanent installations and ensures piece of mind.

    Astro-Physics 23" P-Style Dovetail Plate-Drawing 1


    Astro-Physics 23" P-Style Dovetail Plate-Drawing 2

    Dimensions: The plate top measures 7.7-inches (19.6 cm) wide by 22.875-inches (58.1 cm) long and 1.2-inches (3.1 cm) thick. The dovetail portion measures 7.65-inches (19.4 cm). The underside has been milled to reduce weight, while maintaining strength. Weight is 8.6-pounds (3.9 kg).Includes: 23-Inch P-style Dovetail PlateFasteners listed on the Mounting Plate Fastener Chart.

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