Astro-Physics 18 lb. Stainless Steel Counterweight - 1.875"

Brand: Astro-Physics


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Product Details

  • The 18-Pound Stainless Steel Counterweight - for 1.875-Inch Shaft by Astro-Physics:


    Astro-Physics counterweights are precision machined from 303 stainless steel. A bronze sleeve is press-fit into the center hole to prevent marring of your counterweight shaft as you adjust the position of the counterweights. The weights slip easily onto the counterweight shaft and are secured in position with a large hand knob/brass pin assembly. The brass pin will not mar your shaft.

    Keep in mind that you can adjust the position of the weights to counterbalance varying loads. However, the addition of a guidescope, camera or other heavy accessories may necessitate an additional counterweight. If you plan to mount your catadioptric, Newtonian or any other scope on your Astro-Physics mount, figure that you will need a counterweight total equal to approximately 80-percent of the weight of your tube assembly and accessories.


    Astro-Physics 18-Pound Counterweight:

    This particular AP counterweight is made to fit a 1.875-inch diameter shaft, which is standard on the Astro-Physics 900, 1200 & 1600 mounts, as well as the Mach1GTO using the optional 1.875-inch diameter shaft.

    • The weight of this counterweight is 18-pounds
    • The diameter is 6-inch
    • The counterweight is 2.5-inches thick.

    Please Note: You can use the dimensions of the counterweights listed below to determine how many counterweights will fit on your shaft. Remember that the diameter of the 24-pound counterweight is larger than the others:

    • 5-pound Counterweight (#AP-5SCWT) - diameter: 6-inch, thickness: 0.75-inch
    • 10-pound Counterweight (#AP-10SCWT) - diameter: 6-inch, thickness: 1.4-inch
    • 18-pound Counterweight (#AP-18SCWT) - diameter: 6-inch, thickness: 2.5-inch
    • 24-pound Counterweight (#AP-24SCWT) - diameter: 6.8-inch, thickness 2.5-inch


    OPT Product Number: AP-18SCWT

  • specifications

    Weight18 lb

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