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Askar 80PHQ Flatfield Super APO Quadruplet 80mm Astrograph

Brand: Sharpstar / Askar


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  • We recommend pairing this with the Askar 0.76x Reducer
  • High quality APO quadruplet refractor telescope
  • f/7.5 focal ratio
  • 600mm focal length
  • 80mm aperture
  • 8.6 lbs weight

Product Details

  • The Askar 80PHQ Quadruplet Refractor Telescope was designed to provide astounding images of our night sky. Built with two ED lenses to reduce chromatic aberration, this 600mm refractor telescope's integrated lense pack offers better vignette control and superior optical quality than many competitors.

    Askar 80PHQ Flatfield Super APO Quadruplet Astrograph

    Sample Askar 80PHQ Image

    Sample image of the NGC2264 Cone Nebula taken with the Askar 80PHQ by Andrea Maggi

    The Askar 80PHQ refractor telescope's lenses are arranged as an integrated lens combination, allowing for more accuracy and better imaging results. The long focal ratio of f/7.5 also helps control false color, meaning your stars will be sharp and free from the excessive color shifting often found in refractors with shorter focal ratios. The Askar 80PHQ offers a great combination of low weight, low bulk, low cost, and high image quality.

    Askar 80PHQ Spot Diagram

    Askar 80PHQ Spot Diagram

    Askar 80PHQ Telescope Pupil Radius

    80PHQ Pupil Radius


    Askar 80PHQ Super APO Refractor Telescope

    Thanks to the flatfield 3 + 1 quadruplet optical design of the 80PHQ, there is no need to add an additional flattener to adapt from visual to astrophotography. Because of this, there is no need to calculate back focus, making this telescope easy to use. The dual-speed 3" rack and pinion focuser allows for easy micro-adjustments for sharp full frame imaging with an image circle if 44mm.

    Askar 80PHQ Light Path

    80PHQ Light Path

    Askar 80PHQ Telescope Dimensions

    Askar 80PHQ Dimensions


  • specifications

    Aperture80mm (3.25")
    Corrected Image Circle44 mm
    Focal Length600mm
    Focal Ratiof/7.5
    Glass TypeED
    Optical DesignQuadruplet
    Tube Length448mm
    Tube Weight8.6 lb
  • included items

    • 80PHQ OTA
    • Pair of tube rings
    • Handle
    • Askar 300mm Vixen dovetail plate
    • 4-piece photographic adapters
    • Manual

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