Askar 107PHQ/130PHQ 0.7X Universal reducer

Brand: Sharpstar / Askar


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  • Askar's new Universal Focal Reducer
  • Works with both the 107PHQ and 130PHQ astrographs
  • Standard backfocus of 55mm
  • Equipped with 3-thread adapters: M68, M54, and M48

Product Details

  • Askar's newly launched 3" 0.7x full-frame reducer adapts for 107PHQ and 130PHQ. It has a triplet design with one ED glass.

    The 0.7x reduction gives 107PHQ  a shortened focal ratio of 4.9and a shortened focal length of 524mm. 

    ASKAR 107/130PHQ 0.7x Universal Reducer

    This reducer, connected with the astrographs, can effectively shorten the exposure time and dramatically increase your field of view, bringing more convenience and possibilities for your deep-sky astrophotography. 

    Attaching the SS-107PHQ-REDUCER

  • included items

    • Askar 107PHQ/130PHQ 0.7X Universal reducer

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