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Artesky Flat Field Generator USB 550mm


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Product Details

  • The Flat Box Field Generators from Artesky provide a fully-illuminated, color-neutral, pure white LED field for the highest quality flat field calibrations. These also work extremely well with color cameras. 

    The image is absolutely flicker-free, meaning very short exposure times are possible with this. One major advantage this product has over other, commonly-used flat field boxes is the precise dimmer located on the backside of the box. This 10:1 dimmer allows for exact brightness adjustment.

    Remote Use - USB Interface:

    This Flat Field Generator can be paired with dedicated software and controlled remotely through a USB. This gives you the ability to turn on/off your Flat Field from a PC, ideal for those using a remote telescope or those simply wanting more convenience in the field. 

    Artesky Flat Field USB Interface

    The brightness values for the USB version of Artesky's USB Flat Field is even more precise than the standard non-USB. The values range from 0 to 255 and can be customized for each channel: LRGB-HA-OIII-SII

    To top it all off, you can even save your personalization preferences in the File menu. If you want ease of use and predictable results in your calibrations, this is the way to go.

    Main Features:

    • Perfectly illuminated panel uniform across all edges
    • On-off switch
    • Controlled by USB from PC
    • Precise 10:1 dimmer for exact brightness adjustment
    • Extremely durable anti-scratch and dirt-proof surface
    • Digital voltmeter for perfectly reproducible exposures
    • 12V DC Connection - Perfect for field operation
    • Sturdy metal build
    • Remote on/off from PC

    Useful opening 550mm
    Power 12V 1A
    Dimensions 64x64x12cm

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