Artesky Flat Field Generator 250mm

Brand: Artesky Di Luca Seveso


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Product Details

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    The Flat Box Field Generators from Artesky provide a fully-illuminated, color-neutral, pure white LED field for the highest quality flat field calibrations. These also work extremely well with color cameras. 

    The image is absolutely flicker-free, meaning very short exposure times are possible with this. One major advantage this product has over other, commonly-used flat field boxes is the precise dimmer located on the backside of the box. This 10:1 dimmer allows for exact brightness adjustment.

    Main Features:

    • Perfectly illuminated panel uniform across all edges
    • On-off switch
    • Precise 10:1 dimmer for exact brightness adjustment
    • Extremely durable anti-scratch and dirt-proof surface
    • Digital voltmeter for perfectly reproducible exposures
    • 12V DC Connection - Perfect for field operation
    • Sturdy metal build
    • Canvas bag included

    Useful opening 250mm
    Power 12V 1A
    Dimensions 33x33x12cm

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