Antares F/6.3 SCT Focal Reducer

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Antares F/6.3 SCT Focal Reducer

Antares f/6.3 SCT Focal Reducer

Focal reducers are very versatile accessories. More powerful focal reducers are limited to photographic use, but the f/6.3 reducer works well visually or photographically. When used visually, they extend the field of view. Eyepieces used with a focal reducer yield lower-power views. Photographically, a focal reducer shortens your exposure time by allowing more light to reach the film or sensor.

This focal reducer is made to attach to the rear cell of Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes. Optically, it consists of a four-element lens that is fully multi-coated for high contrast and resolution.

OPT Product Number: AE-SCTFR



Accessory TypeReducer
Warranty2 Year Warranty

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  • Will this work with an ETX-90? Or, do I need to use a focal reducer with field flattener such as the Meade product?

    This will work with the ETX90, but you will need the ETX to SCT thread adapter to attach the focal reducer to the back of the telescope:

  • Will this work on a Takahashi Mewlon 180 or 210?

    Unfortunately, no. The field curvature and coma in a Dall-Kirkham (Mewlon) scope is very different from the proportions in an SCT, so an SCT corrector will not work properly. Takahashi makes a Mewlon reducer for these scopes that works very well for the

  • Hello. Will it fit on a skywatcher 150 - 1800 mak-cass? Does it work well for full frame dslr astrophotography?

    This reducer will not natively fit onto the visual back of a SkyWatcher Mak without the addition of a third party Mak to SCT adapter ring which neither Antares nor Sky-Watcher carries. The reducer will work for sensors up to approximately APS-C or a bit

  • Hello, I purchased this product in September for my Meade LT-8 ACF telescope. I already knew that image distortion may occur as this product is not for ACF optics. But, it was okay for me, as I would use it only for visual observation. So, I purchased it,

    The f/6.3 reducer was designed as a photographic accessory and was never intended to be used visually. However, it is a happy accident that many people can use an f/6.3 reducer with 1.25" eyepieces and reach focus. It sounds as if this may simply be a t

  • Are there any focal reducers that reduce the sc more than f 6.3

    Meade used to make a 3.3 reducer, but it hasn't been manufactured for quite a long time. The 3.3 reducer would significantly shrink the image circle. It would only be useful for a sensor that is smaller than 9-10mm measured diagonally.

  • Can you please provide details on the 5 Eye Pieces Included? Are all of those 52 degree Celestron Plossls or cheap Ramsdens?

    The 4 longer focal length eyepieces are Huygens design (H25, H20, H12.5, H8), and the shortest focal length eyepiece is a Symmetric Ramsden (SR4).

  • Will this work with a Meade 10" LX200 ACF?

    Unfortunately, no. The Antares f/6.3 SCT reducer is actually a reducer/corrector, meaning it works to correct the coma and curvature inherent in SCT images. As the ACF design you have already corrects for coma and partially for curvature, using this reduc