Astronomik IR Blocking Filter for CCD - T Threads

Brand: Astronomik


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Product Details

  • Astronomik IR Blocking Filter - T Thread

    The Astronomik 1.25" IR Blocking Filter is an infrared-blocking filter for digital photography. The filter should be used as a standard at all imaging applications with sensors having a low sensitivity in the UV, e.g. Webcam, DSI and LPI from Meade or most video systems. Put this filter in front of your camera and you will get rid of all problems caused by IR like bright halos around all objects and a very soft overall image.

    If you compare the transmission data of the Astronomik IR-blocker with the data from other sources, you will notice, that most other manufacturers would call this already an UV-IR blocker. The filter WE call an "UV-IR blocker" is superior to any UV-IR blocker from other manufacturers worldwide! The IR-blocker is optimized for systems with focal ratios between f/0.5 and f/50. The typical transmission is higher than 99%.

    The IR Blocker gives you a perfect parfocal filter. It blocks all IR light without modifying the visual part of the spectrum. It is also great as a dust protection for your telescope and camera. It acts as a dust protection of Schmidt-Cassegrain, Schmidt-Newton or Maksutov system or as a dust protection in front of DSLR camera and can be used as an alternative instead of the UV-IR-Blocker if your camera has a low sensitivity at short wavelengths. Use it as an alternative instead of the MC Clear if your system has any refracting elements

    You should think about using the UV-IR blocker if your camera has a high sensitivity at short wavelengths. Think about using the MC Clear glass if you have a system without any refracting elements. If you do color imaging from light polluted places, please think about using the CLS CCD filter for the luminance data instead!

    Astronomik IR Blocking Filter - T Thread Features.

    • Parfocal with other Astronomik filters
    • Glass thickness: 1mm
    • Completely resistant against high humidity, scratches and aging effects
    • Diffraction limited, the filter will not reduce the optical performance of your telescope!
    • Astronomik filters are delivered in a high-quality, long lasting, filter box.
    Astronomik Product Number: IR-T
  • specifications

    Filter Thickness1mm
    Filter TypeUVIR
    Free ShippingYes
    Warranty10 Year Warranty

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