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Airylab HaT 8" Ha Telescope with 2.7x Telecentric

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Airylab HaT 8" Ha Telescope with 2.7x Telecentric

Behold a new level of Solar Astronomy power in the form of the HaT 8" HA Telescope, bringing the astronomical power and quality of an 8" Cassegrain to the realm of Solar. Based on the design of the Celestron Edge HD and then modified and altered completely to be a dedicated Ha 635nm wavelength Solar Telescope. These telescopes are delivered with a detailed metrology report on their exact performance, and are all guaranteed to be better than L/4 in the red spectrum. The aplanetic design used with these amazingly high quality solar telescopes delivers a large fully corrected flat field that is very tolerant to alignment uncertainties. The closed tube design limits the heat exchange with the outside, which in turn cuts down heavily on internal turbulence. What is more, the telescope is compact and portable despite an impressively huge aperture, vastly exceeding the efficiency of a similar aperture refractor.

Integrated into the HaT 8" Ha telescope is a x2.7 Telecentric amplifier that was calculated specially for the EdgeHD that was used as a basis for this custom telescopes design. The Telecentric amplifier permits the HaT 8" to show drastically more angle for the field chief rays than an equivalent F10 refractor. The resulting F/D us 27.59 with marginal rays angle of 1.

WARNING: The HaT telescope must NOT be used without adding additional filters. This is the responsibility of the End User, not that of Airylabs or OPT. We are happy and willing to both advise you on the optimal Etalon and blocking filter combination for use with your individual setup for your individual goals, and to supply the chosen Etalon and Blocking Filter. Regardless the End User must check the correct filtering of the UV and IR/SWIR Bands. When in doubt, please contact us directly at 1-800-483-6287 to receive advice and technical support in configuring your HaT Solar Telescope.


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