Antares .965" to 1.25" Hybrid Mirror Diagonal

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Antares .965" to 1.25" Hybrid Mirror Diagonal

We have diagonals for all applications for your 0.965" or 1.25" telescope as well as hybrids to make the conversion.

There are prism diagonals for 45 or 90 degree correct image as well as mirror and prism star diagonals. All feature threaded, chrome plated brass barrels and fully coated optical components.

Antares Product Number: MSDH

Image depicts similiar Antares diagonal.

Additional Information

Diagonal TypeStar Diagonal
Warranty2 Year Warranty

Questions & Answers

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  • Will this work on my older Celestron C90?

    Yes, as long as your old C90 has a 0.965" visual back or adapter, this will work.

  • I have a Janson 313 model telescope and of course it's missing the eye piece. Will this work or do I need something else? Thanks in advance. Jan

    If the Jason model 313 has a 0.965" focuser, then this diagonal will fit, however you will also need to get one or two 1.25" eyepieces to go into the output side, as the 1.25" diameter output will not fit 0.965" Jason eyepieces.

  • I need one of these in a 90-degree configuration, _not_ a 45-degree. How can I specify that I want to order the 90 degree model?

    The AE-MSDH hybrid diagonal is always 90 degrees. It is not an erect-image 45 degree type diagonal.