ADM DV Series Dovetail Adapter for PoleMaster Mounting

Brand: ADM


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Product Details

  • ADM DV Series Dovetail Adapter for Polemaster Mounting

    This dovetail adapter was designed to be able to match to both D and V series dovetail bars. It was made so as to enable mounting the Polemaster guide camera to a wider array of dovetails, and in this regard serves admirably well. The QHY Polemaster does not need to mount directly onto the polar axis, and can therefore be mounted on to your telescope's dovetail. The split clamp design used ensures that the bar will not be marred or damaged by the adapter while providing a firm and stable grip all along the entire surface of the saddle. The dovetail clamp is black anodized stainless steel and features a large locking knob to make tool-free operation easy and clean, as well as featuring spring-loaded jaws. It is 2.5" Long, 4" Wide, .75" Thick, and the Wt. as shown is 12 oz. Manufacturer Product Number: DVPA-POLE

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