ADM Green Laser Finder Kit

Brand: ADM


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Product Details

  • ADM 532nm Green Laser Finder Kit

    The ADM Green Laser Finder Kit includes a 532 nm Green Laser, a holder with dual 50 mm three point adjustable rings, and a universal mounting plate. Mount this cool Laser Finderscope Kit on your telescope and adjust the laser's placement within the rings like you would any optical finderscope.

    The Class III green laser has a maximum output of about 5 mW and a wavelength of 532 nm (plus or minus 10 nm). This laser pen has been tested under extreme cold conditions and was found to operate below freezing temperatures with just a small decrease in energy output.

    The machined finder rings are designed for holding laser pointers with a diameter similar to that of the 532 nm. It consists of two 50 mm three point adjustable rings. When the laser is properly aligned in the rings, the additional set screw can be used to press the ON/OFF button. The laser holder includes a flat plate which includes a 1/4x20 tapped hole as well as a slot for a 1/4 button head screw. With this adapter plate, you'll be able to mount the laser finder kit to a variety of surfaces.

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