ADM 1.75 lb. Weight - Threaded for Dovetail Weight System

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  • ADM 1.75 lb. Weight - Threaded for Dovetail Weight System

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    ADM 1.75 lb. Weight - Threaded for Dovetail Weight System

    ADM 1.75 lb. Counterweight for ADM Dovetail Weight System

    Have you just picked up that awesome new eyepiece? How about dabbling in a little astrophotography and now your telescope is drooping? You need some balance and the best way to achieve that is with quality counterweights from ADM.

    By adding an additional 1.75 lbs. to your system with this precision machined weight, you can stop wear on drive motors and gears. Tracking devices work better and there's no sudden shift in weight when things are released.

    ADM Product Number: 1.75CW

    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeCounterweight
    Counterweights(1) 1.75 pounds
    WarrantyNot Supplied By Manufacturer

    Questions & Answers

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    • What is the diameter of the threaded hole? Do you know exactly what measure of screw will thread it (e.g., metric 6mm?)

      The screws used in both the ADM and Losmandy weight systems are 1/2"-16 TPI (Threads Per Inch).

    • I, too, would like to know precisely what diameter of threaded hole the screw fits in to.

      The ADM 1.75 lb and 3.5 lb weights are tapped for a 3/8"-16 threaded rod.

    • So far as I can see there is one threaded hole, but two distinctly different responses to the size of the threaded rod and thread pitch: 3/8"-16 TPI and 1/2"-16 TPI. Is there more than one hole? If not, which is correct?

      There is only one threaded hole and it is 3/8"-16TPI