ATIK OAG - Off Axis Guider

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ATIK OAG - Off Axis Guider

Atik Off Axis Guider

The new Atik Off Axis Guider doesn't leave anything to chance. Here you'll find everything you need to create your own, perfected guiding system.

One of the features of the Atik OAG is moving prism system. Thanks to the design, you are now able to choose from a wider variety of quality stars within the corrected field of view. What's more, the Atik Off Axis Guider continues to utilize this capability with sensor sizes up to full-frame 35mm. Still need more? Then know the Atik OAG also has a velvety smooth and highly precise fine-focus system. Thanks to 3 varied extension ring lengths, it can reach focus for a great number of camera systems.

Atik Product Number: A3-OAG


Free ShippingYes
Guider TypeGuiders/ Manual
On/Off Axis GuiderOff Axis Guider
Warranty1 Year Warranty


Ask a Question
  • Can I use this OAG with the ATIK 16200 and the lodestar? I want to use this camera on a TOA 130 and a TVnp101is with and without reducers. Rodd

    The OAG can be used with the Atik 16200 and an Atik EFW2 filter wheel, but it will not reach focus with a Lodestar without additional spacers. Atik intends this to be used with their GP guider, though some T2 mount guide cameras might be usable also.

  • If I already have an Atik EFW2, do I need any additional adapter to connect the Atik OAG?

    No, the Atik off-axis guider will connect directly to an EFW2 filter wheel with three screws. No additional adapters are needed.

  • Does the camera side of the off axis guider accept 1.25" camera tubes?

    Unfortunately, no. The camera side has pass-through screw holes to allow the OAG to attach with screws to an Atik EFW2 filter wheel. There is also an internal M54x0.75 thread, but a non-Atik adapter would be needed to thread into this on the camera side

  • My telescope is totally 2" throughout. Will this reduce my view to less than 2" ?

    No, though the adapter you use on the scope side is important. The Atik OAG has a throughput of 54mm (2.13") and ends with M54x0.75 threads on the scope side. If you use the Atik M54 2" nosepiece, it will reduce the throughput to 48mm (1.89") on the sc

  • Hi I am wondering if this can be used on a refractor with a DSLR and its Focal Reducer/Flattener and Costar guiding camera? My set ups are Televue 85 refractor with 0.8X FR/FF and Canon T3i DSLR.  My guider is the Starlight Express Co-star.  Thank you

    Unfortunately, there is no way to fit this OAG between a DSLR and the 0.8x TV focal reducer and get proper spacing. The body of this OAG is too long for that purpose.