10 Micron Standard Case PLB Series for AZ1000 HPS Mount

Brand: 10 Micron

SKU : TEN-10M1064AZ

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  • Set of two special PLB resin cases, specific for AZ1000 mounts
  • A trolley style case accommodates the mount and a hand case accommodates the counterweights and the electronic parts.

Product Details

  • Taking care of your AZ1000 mount will assure several years of great performances. The Standard case PLB series ensures a very high level of protection. These are made in Italy and are made of a special resins compound which offers a combination of high elasticity, increased shock absorption, reduced transport weight, and resistance against temperature extremes. They also ensure a perfect barrier against dust, humidity, sand, and ashes.

    The Internal padding is perfectly shaped to accommodate the instruments. One case, with a trolley configuration, holds the AZ1000 mount. The other one contains the counterweights and shaft, the electronic parts (control box + hand controls and cables). And there's still room for other accessories.

  • included items

    • Mount trolley case
    • Accessory hand case

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