10 Micron GM1000 HPS Computerized German Equatorial Telescope Mount

Brand: 10 Micron

SKU : TEN-10M1000

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  • For time frames or questions, please contact us at 800-483-6287.
  • 10 Micron GM1000 HPS Equatorial Mount is an exceptional portable system, and excels as a remote observatory mount
  • 25 kg load capacity
  • Superb tracking with up to 0.5-inch RMS accuracy
  • Satellite tracking capabilities with rates up to 20 degrees/sec

Product Details

  • 10 Micron brings high level Italian craftsmanship to the world of astronomy with their GM1000 HPS Equatorial Mount. This splendid Go-To mount provides top notch quality all around, and is sure to easily prove its worth once you integrate it into your newest imaging system setup. Behold- the step of evolution that comes past perfection for German Equatorial mounts in the shape of 10 Micron's GM 1000. Built for the most demanding astronomers, the GM 1000 refines the design principles of German Equatorial mounts to provide the utmost possible quality for your usage.

    The movements of the mount are driven by two servo-brushless motors, with timing belt reduction for zero backlash. Both axes utilize worm-wheel and worm gear driven systems in conjunction with the included absolute encoders to provide smooth, stable movement of the mount head when tracking or slewing. The worm wheels are constructed from Bronze, have 250 teeth, and are of a 125 mm diameter. The worms with which they link are constructed from an alloyed steel, ground and lapped, and rendered 20 mm in diameter. The Axes themselves are crafted from a 30 mm diameter steel alloy for maximum rigidity and stability. The double dovetail mounting plate guarantees the maximum compatibility with a broad array of telescope manufacturers.

    Another part of this mounts most excellent composition is the control box in which the majority of the systems electronics are stored. This independent control box is easily removable, convenient for portability. The connections between the motors, encoders, and hand-pad all feature security lock screws for your safety and peace of mind. This mount can be controlled through the included external keypad without any need for a PC to be connected to the mount itself. That keypad in question was built to maintain the maximum possible readability in a wide variety of light conditions, and to provide a convenient, portable interface for the scopes electronic Go-To system.

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  • specifications

    DEC Worm30mm Diameter 250 Teeth
    Head DesignEquatorial
    Instrument Capacity55 lb
    Latitude Range0 to 82 Degrees
    Mount Head Weight43lb
    Pointing Accuracy1 Arcseconds
    Pointing Accuracy<20 Arcseconds
    RA Worm30mm Diameter 250 Teeth
    Slew Speed15 degrees per second
  • included items


    GM 1000 HPS Equatorial Mount Head (Standard Package), including:

    • For time frames or questions, please contact us at 800-483-6287.
    • GM 1000 HPS Mount with built-in precision absolute axis-encoders.
    • Control box with onboard-intelligence (Linux-processor), stand alone system (no PC required , V. 2 – HPS version firmware.
    • Professional hand control unit with graphic display and temperature control – (#TEN-10M5030).
    • Cables.
    • Counterweight bar.
    • Pier adapter for tripod / column – (#TEN-10M1090).
    • Strong transport carton-box with shaped foam – (#TEN-10M1066).
    • Allen key set.
    • WiFi option included.

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