Trevor Jones

Aka AstroBackyard

Member of OPTeam since Oct. 2018

My name is Trevor Jones, and I have been photographing the night sky for nearly a decade.

I currently work on AstroBackyard full-time, creating new content 7-days a week. I am an avid runner, nature photographer, and general outdoor nut. I enjoy nothing more than a camping trip under the stars with the two loves of my life.

My wife Ashley is my biggest fan and supporter, and we finally tied the knot after 16 years of dating on December 1st, 2017. Our black Labrador Retriever / Hound mix, Rudolph, often makes appereances on both this website and my YouTube videos.

As I am sure many of you know, without the support of your family, it can be difficult to pursue your passion projects, especially when they demand much of your time. I’ll be the first to admin that in this regard, I am truly blessed.