The ZWO Series of ASI 178 Telescope Cameras:

These cameras are available in both Color and Monochrome models, and Cooled or Uncooled.


Camera Use:

With the extremely low read noise of 2.2e, and superior sensitivity combine to make the ZWO ASI178MC an excellent camera for both astronomy and microscopy, excelling in deep sky imaging.

Astro-imagers love this wide-field camera for Planetary targets and smaller deep-space objects, or go up-close for surface features on our Moon and (filtered) granules or sunspots on our Sun. (Always have proper filters in place before aiming devices towards the Sun.)


These cameras use the Sony IMX178 back-lit 1/1.8 inch CMOS sensor at 7.4 mm x 5 mm, with a 3096 x 2080 array. The diagonal is 8.95 mm. The pixel size is 2.4 microns/squared. This sensor has Sony Starvis and Exmor R Technology.

The resolution is 6.4 M, with a 14-bit ADC.


T-Mount interface-1.25" nosepiece