Solar Equipment

We provide an impressively wide array of safe and effective solar equipment to help you view our Sun in all its glory here at OPT, and we're proud of it! This ranges from specialized solar telescopes and filters to cameras selected for their compatibility with solar filters and adapters, and includes the full spectrum that lies between! Whether you need a mount the perfect size for a solar telescope or a camera that will mesh perfectly with your solar filter set, we have what you need. Solar astronomy is unique in that, by its very nature, it can be performed during the day. This becomes an especially notable factor when you're using a normal telescope with a solar filter- you can setup at your chosen site during the day and enjoy solar astronomy, then simply remove the filter at nightfall and continue into nighttime astronomy! And solar astronomy isn't just for those who can invest in a full telescope system- due to how close and how large our sun is, it can even be viewed enjoyably through specialized binoculars or even glasses! This is especially notable during such solar phenomena as eclipses, during which safe practice and a pair of glasses can result in some of the most breathtaking sights of a year! Solar safety is a priority in every solar product sold at OPT, and we urge you to carefully follow the procedures listed in any instructions included with any solar product for your own well being.

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