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Smart Tracking Telescopes

With a variety of computer-controlled locating and tracking features, smart tracking telescopes make it easy for anyone to find and view hundreds of celestial objects. Whether you're new to astronomy or a seasoned observer, telescopes with computerized tracking support allow you to make the most of your viewing or imaging experience. And with a wide range of telescope types and kits to choose from, there's a smart telescope for every budget.

What Are Smart Tracking Telescopes?

Smart tracking telescopes, also called digital telescopes, combine the standard analog features of traditional telescopes with digital technologies that allow users to locate near and distant night sky objects with pinpoint accuracy and keep them in view over time. Paired with downloadable apps and a variety of informational software packages, these electronic telescopes work with everyday electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops for accurate viewing from any location.

Smart telescopes offer users varying degrees of control over the telescope's movement. Some setups offer computerized guidance to help users point the telescope. Others provide complete digital control over the telescope's movement through "GoTo" technologies that allow observers to choose the desired target from a database that can include thousands of viewable objects. These telescopes move automatically to the selected object and track its location to keep it in view throughout the observing session.

Smart tracking telescopes can be especially useful for astrophotography since their automatic tracking functions can keep objects in view for longer exposures and ensure the sharpest possible image. They can also be ideal for beginning astronomers who can concentrate on viewing rather than navigating the night sky.

Smart Tracking Telescope Features and Accessories

Many smart telescopes come with additional features designed to enhance the viewing or imaging experience. Along with downloadable apps for controlling tracking functions, some kits include informational software packages designed to help users of all ages learn more about the night sky. Others come with technology for storing and sharing images.

Smart telescopes range in price from under $300 for a beginner telescope with basic smartphone functionality to $4000 and up for advanced imaging and viewing setups. Accessories for app-controlled telescopes include smartphone holders and adapters, computerized mounts, tripods, and a variety of software packages for specific interests and needs.


What is a smart telescope?

A smart telescope uses digital technologies to help viewers precisely locate and track celestial objects for viewing and photographing.

Is it worth getting a computerized telescope?

Computerized telescopes can save time and effort in navigating the night sky for a more enjoyable viewing experience. Today's smart tracking telescopes range from affordable beginner kits to high-end setups for advanced users, so there's an option for stargazers of every level.

If you have any questions about choosing the right smart telescope for your viewing needs, contact us. The OPT team has the answers you're looking for. Happy stargazing!