Sky-Watcher Telescope & Mount Series

Sky-Watcher's innovative and world-class engineered telescopes and mounts offer different uses and benefits to ensure an optimal visual or astrophotography experience. Take a look at the different series offered and find the best one for your astronomy needs!

Sky-Watcher Telescope Series

  • Esprit ED Triplet APO - Aprochromatic Triplet Refractors optimized for astrophotography using their 3-element design for enhanced color and clarity.
  • Evostar ED Doublet APO - Fully-coated Apochromatic Doublet Refractors, excellent for anyone looking to invest in more advanced telescopes for astrophotography.
  • QUATTRO Reflectors - These exceptional imaging Newtonians offer a wide field of illumination and fast f/4 focal-ratios, and is versatile enough for both astrophotography and visual use!
  • Dobsonian Telescope Series - Sky-Watcher is known for building high-quality and affordable dobsonians, including the easy-to-use Classic Dobsonian, the collapsible and portable Flextube Dobsonian, and the powerful Stargate Dobsonian.

Sky-Watcher Mount Series

  • StarAdventurer  - a stable, portable and easy-to-use solution for all your astrophotography and time-lapse photography needs. Simply mount your DSLR or small telescope to it and begin capturing precise and crisp images of the night sky!