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Sharpstar/Askar Telescopes

SharpStar Telescopes is the international brand of Chinese telescope company Jianxing Ruixeng, which specializes in innovative technologies for deep sky astrophotography and observation. SharpStar manufactures several lines of medium to high-powered telescopes and astrographs under both the SharpStar brand and Askar, a sub-brand that focuses mainly on astrophotography equipment and accessories.

The SharpStar/Askar line includes Newtonian and Cassegrain refractor astrographs at prices starting at around $1,200, as well as telescopes for night sky and ground observation starting at around $300. All SharpStar/Askar astrographs, scopes, and accessories include quality optics and sleek, user-friendly design at every price point.

The SharpStar/Askar collection of astrographs and telescopes comes with an array of features designed to produce the brightest, sharpest image possible for high-quality photographs of near and distant night sky objects. These features include:

  • Flat field technology, which corrects for field curvature in refractor telescopes. This ensures that the image remains sharply focused even at the farthest edges of the field of view so that photographs are crisp and distortion-free. The SharpStar/Askar line includes flat field astrographs with flat field correction built in (LINK) as well as field flattener accessories.
  • Focal reduction is a key feature in astrophotography that compresses the light passing through the telescope to a size that’s comparable to the sensor on an attached camera. Reduction helps to correct for aberrations and results in a sharper, brighter photographic image of night sky objects.

SharpStar/Askar’s astrographs include lightweight, beginner-friendly scopes such as the Askar FRA300 Pro 60mm f/5 Petzval Astrograph Refractor Telescope, which comes in a complete kit including three camera adapters and a Vixen dovetail plate, and the SharpStar 140PH Triplet APO, a large-aperture astrograph that can be used with a full frame flattener and reducer to capture brilliant wide-field images.

Available accessories for SharpStar/Askar astrographs include full frame focal reducers, combination flatteners/reducers, and a variety of mounts, filters, and other gear for customizing instruments for specific needs.

Whether you’re new to astrophotography or a seasoned imager, SharpStar’s line of astrographs and accessories offer the tools you need to capture bright, clear images of the night sky. If you need help selecting the right SharpStar product, contact our teamfor some expert advice!