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CAGE: 7T8F3 | DUNS: 080428218 | We’re on FedBid!



Made right here in the USA, PlaneWave Instruments is committed to providing the highest quality observatory-class products for astronomers. PlaneWave Instruments was founded in 2006 by Richard Hedrick and Joseph Haberman, two former telescope engineers at Celestron. Getting a product like the CDK into the hands of serious imagers and amateur astronomers has been a shared vision of Hedrick and Haberman for many years.

PlaneWave Instruments


Officina Stellare:

Officina Stellare is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a complete catalog of "standard" telescopes and astrographs, to meet any need for professional astronomers, institutions, universities, astronomy clubs and of course the most advanced amateurs. With the choice of three different optical schemes for telescopes, all available in the 400 to 800 mm aperture range, and the extraordinary family of "RH Veloce" astrographs (200 to 350 mm aperture) it is really unlikely we don't have the instrument that fits your need. All telescopes have a carbon/aluminum structure and offer the choice between standard optical glass and near-zero expansion ceramic glass for the mirrors. 

Officina Stellare

Astro Physics:

Astro-Physics is fully committed to the production and development of amateur telescopes and accessories. Their goal is to produce the highest possible quality components and keep them affordable to the average amateur. Amateur telescopes are the only product that they produce; they do not get sidetracked into commercial or military projects. Many of their technical and production staff are amateur astronomers themselves, so they understand the unique needs of our customers. They strive to build almost every part from scratch at their facility in Rockford, Illinois. This includes not only the individual optics, but also the critical gears, circuit boards and components right down to the knobs and fittings.




SBIG has been in the camera business for 25 years. This innovative brand developed the first commercial autoguider and continues to produce robust cameras for astronomy, industry, and laboratory purposes. SBIG was also the first company to produce a commercial adaptive optics system and self-guiding filter wheels. The parent company, Diffraction Limited, writes all of the current drivers for these cameras which seamlessly integrates into Maxim DL and other software. SBIG Cameras


Software Bisque:

Software Bisque, Inc. is based in Golden, Colorado USA that develops robotics telescope mounts and accessories, and publishes world class software used in astronomy. They manufacture Telescope Mounts used by amateurs and Pros alike in both portable and permanent scenarios. Their larger telescope mounts are found in Professional, Educational,Governmental and Amateur Observatories all over the world. The “Sky X” software was developed by the Bisque Brothers and controls the “Paramount’s” they produce along with countless other Telescope Mounts. The company was founded in 1984 by current president and CEO, Stephen M. Bisque. OPT’s expert Staff includes a Software Bisque Expert who has assisted countless customers before, during and after their Software Bisque purchase. Feel free to contact Larry, Chris, or Jason from the OPT Professional Services team with any questions you may have concerning Software Bisque’s products.

Software Bisque



All TPO products have an incredible value which sets them apart from their competing product lines. TPO telescopes, eyepieces, filters, adapters, and other accessories are found in Personal, Governmental, Professional, and Educational Observatories all over the United States and many countries around the world, providing a level of performance that outshines anything in the same price class. This high value makes TPO products an excellent choice for overcoming cost barriers and budget restraints. Feel free to call one of our “Pro Services Consultants” to help decide which product may work for you.

TPO Telescopes



FLI Cameras