Meade LX600 Telescopes

The Meade LX600 telescope series makes astro-imaging easier than it’s ever been. With this simple to operate and extremely portable setup, getting that perfect image can happen faster than you would have thought possible. The Split Fork design of the LX600 allows the OTA to be quickly separated from the mount, enabling each to be carried by themselves for easy transport.

Better, Faster, Sharper, Smarter

The LX600 employs a fast f/8 ACF optical system with Ultra-High Contrast Transmission Coatings that guarantee crisp, pinpoint imaging to the very edge of the field. Featuring an internal Crayford-style focusing system with dual-speed, 7:1 control, you know you will be in focus when you need it. This is, of course, after you’ve found your target in the sky. Finding that target has also become a streamlined, seamless process with Meade’s StarLock technology. Using an 80mm f/5 optic and a super wide-angle lens in a two-camera system, StarLock will find whatever target you want and guide on that target to an accuracy of one arcsecond.

There's no need for a separate guide or computer and the StarLock requires no user focusing or guide star selection. StarLock automatically programs periodic error correction and then corrects for any other errors down to virtually zero. Compared to other systems in its class, you’d be hard-pressed to find one of comparable quality.