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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Losmandy Telescope Mounts and Tripods

The very best telescope is only as good as the foundation upon which it is mounted and positioned. With that in mind, Losmandy telescope mounts and tripods are some of the very best you could invest in to pair with your finest telescope.

Losmandy Telescope Mounts and Tripods are high-quality viewing platforms. Their products support advanced astronomical telescopes. They feature precision engineering and high-grade hardware for robust stability. This stability allows for accurate tracking and pointing of celestial objects. Mounts feature adjustable alt-azimuth configurations for easy setup and deployment. Sturdy stainless steel or aluminum tripod constructions are available as well.

Losmandy Telescope Mounts and Tripods are highly regarded amongst amateur and professional astronomers alike and are considered to be among the best mounts on the market. They are designed in and made in California, USA. Their experienced team of engineers utilizes the latest in advanced technology and high-grade materials to design and manufacture the highest-quality telescope mounts and tripods. Their website boasts 40 years of experience in the sector since 1983. The site features online ordering, licensed dealers, replacement parts, technical support, and more.

Their products are highly regarded amongst amateur and professional astronomers alike for their precision engineering, high-quality construction, and adjustable alt-azimuth configuration. They also offer reliable stability and accurate tracking of celestial objects. With their precision components, adjustable counterweights, and sturdy stainless steel or aluminum tripod constructions, Losmandy mounts are considered among the best on the market and are a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality viewing platforms for their advanced astronomical telescope.

Pros and Cons of Losmandy Telescope Mounts and Tripods

Some of the greatest advantages of Losmandy telescope mounts and tripods include durability, portability, and versatility. Their construction features robust stainless steel or aluminum tubing and precision components, allowing for accurate tracking and pointing of celestial objects. Their adjustable alt-azimuth configuration makes for easy setup.

The mounts are made with lightweight aluminum; they are highly portable and can be set up and taken down quickly and easily. Furthermore, their adjustable counterweights allow for versatility when observing different objects. Robust construction ensures a longer lifespan, making them a great investment for any astronomer.

Something to consider for anyone considering this brand is that they do not offer entry-level products. All of their devices are precision tools constructed with the highest quality materials. As such, in general, no Losmandy product is very cheap or fragile.

That said, the main disadvantages of Losmandy Telescope Mounts and Tripods are cost, weight, and availability. Since the mounts are precision-engineered and feature high-grade materials, they tend to be more expensive than other telescope mount brands, making them less accessible to the casual astronomer. Additionally, the mounts and tripods often feature heavy-duty aluminum construction making them weighty. This can be a disadvantage for those setting up in remote areas.

Finally, while many third-party suppliers carry them, Losmandy is a privately owned company that may not have extensive warehousing and distribution networks. As a result, they may not have immediate availability for popular products or replacement parts.

Choosing Losmandy as a Quality Brand

In conclusion, Losmandy Telescope Mounts and Tripods are a great choice for both amateur and professional astronomers. In general, the advantages of this brand include:

  • Highly precise engineering
  • Strength in construction
  • Adjustable alt-azimuth configurations
  • Adjustable counterweights, allowing flexibility when it comes to viewing objects
  • Easy setup

Disadvantages include:

  • Higher cost
  • The weights of the mounts and tripods
  • Limited availability

Losmandy's line of precision equatorial mounts has three very popular offerings:

  • The first is their most portable unit, the GM8, which carries 45 pounds of optical tube for photographic use. Then, there is their flagship G11 which carries 60 pounds of tube assembly for photographic use.
  • Then, they took the drive base from the G11 and the deck axis from the GM8 and blended them together. This gave us the GM 8-11, which has a 55-pound photographic weight.
  • Most recently, customers asked Losmandy for a heavier-duty mount. In response, they took the Titan drive base and removed the deck axis from the G11, and placed it on the Titan drive base. The result is the G11-T which now has a 75-pound camera payload for photographic use.

The latest mounts have a one-piece worm system, high precision worm, all spring-loaded to take out all backlash. They have high torque motors that are tucked in, so cables don't get snagged on them, a dual clamp system on the saddle plate, and they can go from zero to 68 degrees on latitude. Losmady offers a modular system, so you can build your mount up to whatever you want by just adding pieces and turning it into a larger or smaller mount.

Losmandy's tripod offerings are just as versatile and equally adept at holding larger telescopes securely. The Losmandy FHD Tripod with adjustable leg design is one of their most popular tripod offerings. However, they do sell telescope tripods that are lighter-duty, heavier-duty, wheeled, and more.

Anyone seeking a reliable viewing platform with accurate tracking and pointing of celestial objects — look no further. Losmandy Telescope Mounts and Tripods are an excellent choice.