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What is a dovetail plate?

A dovetail plate is an attachment plate used to securely mount telescopes and other optical equipment with a dovetail bar onto a tripod. This type of plate features a clamp at one end with two knobs on either side that can be tightened in order to secure the telescope and prevent it from moving. The dovetail bar slides into the opening at the other end of the plate, allowing for precise positioning and easy adjustments.

What is a vixen dovetail?

A Vixen dovetail is a metal bar that attaches to the bottom of a telescope, allowing it to be quickly mounted and unmounted from a compatible tripod or equatorial mount. The Vixen dovetail system features two mounting holes on each end so that it can slide directly into the corresponding slots of the tripod or mount. This type of dovetail is often used with larger telescopes due to its sturdy construction and ability to securely hold heavy equipment.