Celestron Telescopes

OPT carries a wide selection of cutting-edge Celestron Telescope Systems and Optical Tube Assemblies (OTA). Whether you're an advanced astrophotographer looking for a fast RASA, or an amateur astronomer just getting started, you're sure to find a telescope from Celestron that perfectly matches what you want to experience in the night sky. Celestron is essentially a "catch-all" company that produces some of the finest equipment for astronomers at any level. From a basic, beginner-level refractor to a high-powered Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope, this company has it all.

Celestron produces many lines of telescope series that fit snugly into specialized categories of astronomy, astrophotography, or sports optics.

Celestron’s Beginner Telescopes:

These telescope lines are recommended for beginners especially because they are both extremely easy to use and to set up. Most of the telescope systems in these series are going to be extremely portable and require very little knowledge to make use of them. They're often a simple "point and shoot" system once you lock everything into place, which really shouldn't take longer than 15-30 minutes for even the most complex of these systems. And that's if you take a break in between! 

FirstScope Series

The FirstScope Series telescopes are small Newtonian scopes on a table-top swivel mount. There is almost no set-up with this choice! All you need is a table or nice big rock to set it on. The FirstScope Accessory Kit is a good addition for extra versatility. 

ExploraScope Series

The ExploraScope Series are green-colored manual alt-azimuth telescopes with adjustable height tripods featuring an accessory tray. Also included is an accessory package with two eyepieces, a Barlow lens, and a finderscope. The refractor models also include a slow-motion control rod and a 90° erect image diagonal. These are a great way to introduce people to astronomy or to use for nature viewing in style.

PowerSeeker Series

These telescopes are very similar to the ExploraScopes, but instead, are colored black and are available in a couple of different scope models.

Omni XLT Series

The Omni XLT Series Telescopes feature high-quality optics and a sturdy platform on the manual CG-4 German Equatorial mount/tripod. You will recognize this series by its deep blue tubes with white bands and the white also on the mounts. These adjustable aluminum tripods reach a max height of 49 inches.

AstroMaster Series

The AstroMaster Series brings you another step with the deep blue tubes and back accents, these tripods feature 1.25-inch adjustable steel tube legs. These are manual mounts with slow-motion control.

Astro Fi Series

-The Astro Fi Series is also similar to the above scopes, having both WiFi and SkyAlign to let you control your telescope via the SkyPortal app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. There is also an included smartphone adapter.

Ambassador Series

The Ambassador Series telescopes are beautiful decorative pieces that bring you back to the nostalgic days of planetary discoveries. They are classically designed and fully functional instruments. Featuring shiny brass optical tubes with tripods and tabletop piers made of mahogany-stained wood with brass accents.

LCM Series

The LCM Series telescope gets you started with a computerized mount while still being very portable. It incorporates the same star-finding software as found in observatory-grade telescopes.

SkyProdigy Series

The SkyProdigy Series computerized telescopes include a fully automatic alignment procedure via an onboard computer and a mounted StarSense digital camera. All that is required to align this telescope is for the user to turn it on. These are perfect for those astronomers who have already played around with the hobby a bit and want to step up their game.

Celestron's Intermediate Telescopes:

Advanced VX Series

The Celestron Advanced VX (AVX) series is widely regarded as being the best intermediate mount on the market. The AVX mounts are a sturdy and compact German equatorial design that can hold up to 30 lbs of equipment payload. This payload capacity is plenty for any beginner or intermediate astronomer's telescope system. These mounts are matched to a vast array of optical tube assemblies (OTAs) ranging from 6-inch aperture front objectives to large 11-inch telescopes. Overall, this is an excellent first choice for both astrophotography and visual observing.

NexStar SLT

The NexStar SLT series is a massively popular line of telescope systems that come in 90, 102, 127, and 130 mm aperture sizes. These are fantastic mid-level computerized Alt-Az GoTo telescopes that take any hassle out of aligning and finding a target in the night sky. If you want to have a pleasant viewing experience of the cosmic beauty above, then you can't go wrong with a NexStar SLT.

NexStar SE Series

Celestron's signature orange-tube telescopes begin with the NexStar SE series. Like the NexStar SLT series, these are computerized Alt-Az mounts systems that combine advanced astronomy software and excellent optics into an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly package. Held up by the sturdy 2-inch diameter stainless steel tripod, you'll always have a great experience with this series. If you're looking for something fairly portable and easy enough for children to understand, do yourself a favor and grab a telescope from this series.

NexStar Evolution Series

Are you looking for an astronomy setup to last a lifetime? Celestron's NexStar Evolution series is essentially an evolution of the NexStar SE line. The Evolutions have WiFi, larger telescope tubes, more advanced gear and motor designs, and a rechargeable battery built into the system. With the quality NexStar Evolution series, it's no wonder that many astronomers upgrade to this and simply stop there. Sporting a more ergonomic design than many other telescopes, this style is also quite portable and easy to move around. These are available in several sizes as well, depending on just how big you want to go. 

Celestron's Advanced Telescopes:

CGEM II Series

If you're wanting to get serious about astrophotography or want to put together a heavy-duty visual system, start with the CGEM II Series from Celestron. These telescopes are named for the Computerized German Equatorial Mount II (CGEM II) which they all are attached to. These mounts have a latitude adjustment range of 15 to 90 degrees with a 40-pound capacity, 2-inch adjustable steel legs, internal cabling for worry-free remote imaging, and many more potential upgrades based on your own goals. The CGEM II scopes are available in a respectable assortment of sizes to fit the needs of anyone looking to step up their game in the astronomy hobby.

CGX Series

Celestron's CGX series of telescope systems are similarly named for the mount they use, and just like the CGEM II line, Celestron's product line gets better and better for advanced applications. These are more heavy-duty than all previous models, boasting an impressive 55-pound load capacity to fit the OTAs geared toward more advanced imaging. 

CGX-L Series

Think of the CGX series, but bigger. That's what the CGX-L series is. These systems increase the load capacity to 75 pounds while barely increasing the weight of the mount head itself. This series is, like the standard CGX among others, are matched with certain OTAs that were in mind when these products were designed, but essentially any telescope within the weight range of this mount will work perfectly. The matched OTAs include powerhouses like 11-inch RASA and the 14-inch EdgeHD which are often seen as the final telescope an astronomer would ever want for imaging.

CPC Deluxe HD Series

The CPC Deluxe HD series by Celestron is a line of top-tier visual telescopes that visual observers strive to one day own for themselves. Perched atop the CPC Deluxe Mount, a computerized Alt-Az system with large dual-fork arms and internal GPS, the matched OTAs have all the support they need to demonstrate the excellent manufacturing that went into making them.

EdgeHD Series OTAs

These are Celestron's answer to the demand for true, all-encompassing astrograph designs in the industry. The Celestron EdgeHD optics produce extreme clarity in your images or eyepiece and focus stars to a pinpoint across your entire field of view. The EdgeHD OTAs, which are available in 8, 9.25, 11, and 14-inch sizes, are matched with several of the mounts in this list to bring out the maximum potential of both pieces of equipment. If you want to realize your full potential as an astronomer, whether you prefer to image or to observe, opting for an EdgeHD telescope OTA and high-end Celestron mount is the way to do it.