Celestron Mounts & Tripods

Celestron is the biggest telescope manufacturer in the world and for good reason. They have an incredible line of telescopes, mounts, and telescope accessories. Some of their most popular mounts include the Advanced VX Mount, CGX German Equatorial Mount, CGX-L, and CGEM-II Telescope Mount. Each of these mount series are well-respected among the astronomy community with the AVX being a favorite for beginners, and the CGEM-II is a reliable, heavy-duty mount for more advanced astronomers. 

Advanced VX Series (AVX)

The Celestron Advanced VX Series is one of the best entry-level astrophotography equatorial mounts on the market, and make for a great visual Go-To equatorial mount for an affordable price. These mounts can hold up to 30lbs of equipment (not including counterweights), and come in various telescope packages for a complete setup.

Celestron CGEM-II Series

The CGEM-II telescope series is an upgrade from Celestron's previous CGEM  mounts. The ergonomic design of the mount, paired with a number of telescope sizes for you to choose from, makes these telescopes a great choice. Whether you are a visual astronomer or an astrophotographer, these telescopes will be your gateway to the cosmos! Once polar aligned, these telescopes can find objects, track objects, and can be your gateway into astrophotography.

Celestron CGX Series

The CGX series is Celestron's answer to modern astrophotography. With an impressive 55-pound weight capacity, all-star polar alignment, and low periodic error, the CGX mounts have changed how amateur astronomers do astrophotography. The modern design of these mounts are more than just for looks; they deliver functional features like multiple USB ports on the mount, autoguider ports, and handles for easy transportation.

Celestron CGX-L Series

Improving upon the CGX series, the Celestron CGX-L series is the big brother. It has all of the features of the CGX mount, but it has a much larger weight capacity. With it's huge weight capacity of 75 pounds, you can mount most optical tubes currently available on the market.