Celestron Astronomy Cameras

Keeping in line with the main goals of Celestron, their line of astroimaging cameras are extremely user-friendly and incorporate some of the best imaging sensors on the market.

Celestron NexImage Astronomy Camera

Celestron's NexImage astronomy cameras are well-known for being extremely efficient at gathering planetary data and video. Operating at speeds like 120 frames per second, it's no wonder that the NexImage series cameras are so popular. 

The entire NexImage camera line is sure to impress whether you're simply getting footage of the moon, or if you're exploring our solar system. Regardless of your goals, you'll find a use for the Celestron NexImage camera.

Celestron Skyris Astronomy Camera

Along with the NexImage series, Celestron has teamed up with the legendary German company, "The Imaging Source," to create the Skyris line of telescope cameras. These have been used by some of the best planetary imagers in the world, including big names like Christopher Go. It's no wonder that they would choose to use a camera like this with incredibly fast transfer speeds, latest in CMOS technology, and video capture at up to 200 frames per second!

If you're just starting out with astroimaging, get started right with a Celestron series astronomy camera. You'll soon find that you won't need to upgrade to anything else for quite along time.