Buyback & Trade In

Sell Or Trade In Used Telescopes


OPT's Telescope Equipment Buyback or Trade In system is very simple. Just email with as much information as you can below and we will contact you as soon as we can if we are interested in your used equipment! In the email, please send us:

  • Your Name
  • A phone number to reach you
  • The brand and model of the telescope or equipment (if you know it)
  • Some pictures so that we can identify the condition of the equipment and determine a fair price*
  • Are you interested in trading In your equipment for something new? Usually you will get a higher value as credit versus cash. (Subject line of the email: Trade In)
  • Or do you just want cash in hand? (Subject line of the email: Buyback)

If you can send us this information we should be able to get back to you very quickly with a cash offer!

*We may offer more for a trade in value than we do for cash back. Please be aware that all trade in values must remain on your account and will not be eligible for cash later.

PLEASE NOTE - There will be a $80 fee included into our offering price if the original packing of the product is not included with Telescopes, Mounts, and OTAs.