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Binocular Tripods

Tripods are usually associated with telescopes and cameras, not binoculars. But whether you’re a birdwatcher, a wildlife spotter, or a backyard astronomer, a tripod made just for binoculars can provide the stability you need for steady viewing over long periods in daylight or under the night sky.

Why Use a Binocular Tripod?

Binoculars are essential tools for all kinds of long-range observation. But holding even lightweight binoculars steady for extended viewing can be a challenge. Mounting your binoculars on a dedicated binocular tripod can eliminate shake, provide a comfortable viewing position, and free your hands for other tasks. Binocular tripods can be especially useful for:

  • Birdwatching and other kinds of long-range wildlife observation can require plenty of time and patience, often in adverse conditions. That can mean long periods of holding binoculars steady, even while sitting or lying down.
  • Binoculars may not have as much magnification as a telescope, but they can be a useful addition to your skywatching setup. Binoculars offer a wide field view of the night sky, and they allow viewing with both eyes, which can feel more natural. Larger binoculars designed especially for astronomy can also be used to view more distant objects.

How to Choose a Binocular Tripod

Binocular tripods come in various forms, with accessories and configurations for specific viewing needs, and it’s also possible to buy adapters to convert a standard tripod for binocular viewing. Whether you’re planning daytime observation or night sky viewing (or both), here are a few key considerations to keep in mind.


One of the most important reasons to use a binocular tripod is to reduce shake and provide stability. Look for a tripod that’s sturdy enough to withstand wind and capable of standing securely on uneven ground.


Your tripod should be able to handle the weight of the binoculars you plan to use. A lightweight binocular tripod won’t accommodate heavier, high-magnitude instruments, so consider a tripod capable of handling at least 12 to 15 pounds.


Choose a tripod that can accommodate your preferred viewing position, whether that’s standing or sitting down. Many binocular tripods are adjustable from tabletop height to 63 inches or more.


Still have questions? We have answers.

Do you need a tripod for binoculars?

If you’re using your binoculars for short periods or quick observations, you may not need a tripod. But for longer viewing sessions, a tripod allows stable, comfortable viewing without shake and arm fatigue.

How tall should a tripod be for binoculars?

A binocular tripod should be tall enough to accommodate your preferred viewing position, whether standing or sitting down.

What tripod is best for binoculars?

The best binocular tripod is stable, sturdy enough for the weight of your binoculars, and adjustable for the best viewing height.