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Astrophotography Mounts

Your photographs are only as good as your mounting system — and with OPT’s industry-leading selection of telescope mounts for astrophotography, you are guaranteed to find the perfect mount for your gear and use case. Our inventory includes the best astrophotography mounts from brands like Sky-Watcher, iOptron, HOBYM, and more.

If you’re looking to digitize the process of finding your target, look no further than our selection of GOTO mounts for astrophotography. These feature-packed mounts save time and maximize your astrophotography sessions, using computerized calculations to zero in on the object you’re seeking. Popular options include GOTO mounts like the iOptron AZ Mount Pro with LiteRoc 1.75-Inch Tripod, which features “level-and-go” technology that uses GPS to calculate the global position and calibrate against a bright object in the night sky. From there, tracking happens automatically, thanks to the 10-hour onboard lithium battery.

We offer both alt-az and equatorial mounts for astrophotography. Our equatorial selection includes popular choices like the iOptron CEM70G, a center-balanced mount that’s perfect for medium-payload rigs. This GOTO mount features an onboard optical guiding system to make tracking more accurate, and its user experience is designed so that no component is wasted.

No matter what type of astrophotography you do, there is a mount perfect for your needs. If you’re unsure of what mount would be best for you, or if you want to find one that can serve multiple purposes, be sure to chat with our friendly Sales Team for expert answers to your questions.


Still have questions? We have answers.

What is a good mount for astrophotography?

A good astrophotography mount enables you to easily track the sky, which is why a computerized mount is essential. When you get a GOTO or other computerized mount, the internal motors track the sky precisely so that your camera moves at the speed of the earth’s rotation.

Do you need an equatorial mount for astrophotography?

Equatorial mounts are necessary for long-exposure astrophotography shots. Make sure the mount you get has two axes of motion and features both altitude and azimuth adjustments. You’ll need to mount this setup on a pier or tripod.

Do you need a motorized mount for astrophotography?

Astrophotography requires accurately tracking the sky to reduce blur in your images, and since the sky is always moving, a motorized mount is essential. Modern computerized astrophotography telescope mounts come with numerous features to help you stay on target.