Astro Haven

OPT offers Astro Haven domes ideal for telescopes, radar, and tracking devices. The low-cost fiberglass clamshell design is an effective solution to various instrument applications. They can be partially open for environmental protection or wide open with an unobstructed view of the night sky.

Astro Haven Domes are perfect for amateur astronomers, commercial and educational institutions as well as military, defense and government organizations. Sizes range from 7-foot and 12-foot models to the big 16-foot and 20-foot domes and beyond. The 5-Shutter design maximizes the height between the base and the top giving superior low elevation view. With a 5-meter footprint, this dome is the perfect replacement for old technology.

Freight cost will be calculated at time of shipment. A forklift will be needed for off-loading at the customer’s expense.