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What you need to know when choosing a telescope

If you are new to telescopes, the amount of choices can be endless. The first thing you'll need to consider is what you want to use it for: do you want to view through an eyepiece or take images?

Visual Telescopes

Visual telescopes take in the light available for our eyes to see. The moon, stars, and planets are typically the extent of what you can see with these. With perfect viewing conditions, galaxies can be seen as blurs.

Astrophotography Telescopes

If you'd like to see more than what your eyes can process, astrophotography telescopes allow you to do just that. While the human eye can see 1/30 second of light, imaging telescopes--when equipped with cameras and tracking mounts--have the ability to gather light for minutes to hours. This is how crisp images of distant galaxies and nebulae are taken.

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