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10-Inch Telescopes

10-inch telescopes deliver impressive resolution and, thanks to their aperture, a great deal of light-gathering power for the amateur astronomer. Because light-gathering power scales directly with the area of a telescope’s aperture, a 10-inch telescope can gather four times as much light as a 5-inch telescope. Our 10-inch telescope selection includes brands like Meade, TPO, and Sky-Watcher, as well as a wide variety of different builds and mount types to fit every need.

If you’re a beginner looking for great value for your dollar, check out our 10-inch Dobsonian telescope collection. Though Dobsonians are typically manual units, the Celestron Starsense Explorer offers smartphone compatibility to give you a fully autonomous, guided tour of the night sky with no experience needed. Others are collapsible, allowing you to take them places you might not otherwise be able to due to limited packing space. Don’t forget that your Dobsonian will require collimation before each use.

Due to the difficulty of manufacturing a 10-inch refractor telescope, you’ll find a mostly 10-inch reflector telescope selection. This includes popular choices like the TPO 10” Truss Tube f/7.9 Ritchey Chretien Reflecting OTA Telescope, a lightweight and thermally stable powerhouse that uses its aperture to the fullest extent while eradicating image shift. Other 10-inch Newtonian telescope options include manual and computerized Meade units, which occupy the lower end of the budget range while providing tried-and-trusted quality. At the other end of the spectrum from a 10-inch Meade telescope are high-end AG Optical reflectors, which can capture deep-space exposures with stunning clarity.

From computerization to the pros and cons of different models, there is a lot to consider before you choose the best 10-inch telescope for your goals. If you have any questions, chat with our expert Sales Team to gain a detailed understanding of our products and how they may fit with your gear and your needs.


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What can you see with a 10-inch telescope?

The high light-gathering power of a 10-inch telescope allows you to see thousands of objects that smaller telescopes can’t — and you can do so even in areas with significant light pollution. Among these objects are galaxies, globular clusters, nebulae, planets, and double stars. Even with a 10-inch Dobsonian telescope, you’ll be able to see the Orion and Omega Nebulae, lunar mountains and ridges, the surface features of Mars, and the Cassini Division in the rings of Saturn.