How to Make a Comeback with Meade President Victor Aniceto

Purpose: This time we sit down with Meade Instruments President Victor Aniceto and Director of Sales Scott Byrum. The discussion centers around the rise of Meade, their eventual difficulties, and the reinvigoration of the brand today.

Victor Aniceto: Previously the Vice President of Celestron Telescopes, Victor has taken over as President of Meade Instruments to great success. Upon joining with Meade he had a mountain of challenges ahead, and all he saw was an opportunity to make this company shine like the Sun.

This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The curious history of Meade Instruments
  • What innovations are currently in the works or now being released
  • How to make a comeback against the odds
  • The future of this company and the hobby

Notable Quotes:

“Meade has found ways to innovate for both the hardcore imager and the casual observer.” - Victor Aniceto

“The best telescope is the one that gets used." - Tony Darnell

“Imaging is the future of the hobby.” - Dustin Gibson

Main Topics:

16:41 -The 'Why' of Meade Instruments

Victor explains his ultimate goal at Meade Instruments--the primary factor he wants to keep at an all-time high: customer experience. The turbulent history of Meade’s quality control is brought to the forefront and the story is revealed. Why did Meade Instruments begin their descent, and how are they coming back? A big part of the answer is a loyal customer base.

28:35 -The Solar Revolution

The early days of solar astronomy were almost entirely out-of-reach for the average astronomer, but with the rise of Coronado, everything changed. Offering higher quality scopes and filters at a cheaper cost, the Meade-owned Coronado brought the realm of H-alpha to the general public. The common person could finally look at the sun without burning a hole in their head or their wallet.

33:26 -The Future of Innovation

Gearing up for the imaging market, Meade Instruments has introduced the Deep Sky Imager, and, to keep the solar market rolling along, have the new SolarMax 390 available now. On top of this, their new LX85 and LX65 mounts are prime additions to the mount market that any astronomer would find respectable.

41:14 -Sharing the Universe

Sharing astronomy images nowadays have never been easier and the appetite for them is always growing. We’re hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t want to see an incredible image of some celestial object. The biggest thing to take from all of this is how affordable and accessible these setups and practices really are.

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