Conspiracy Theories With Fraser Cain

Purpose: Discussing conspiracies from the fringe to the most widespread, if there is any merit to the theories, and what can be done about them.

Fraser Cain: Publisher of the website Universe Today, and co-host of the Astronomy Cast podcast, Fraser Cain is deeply entrenched in all things astronomy. He also runs a YouTube channel as an astronomy promoter and communicator.

This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • About the current climate of conspiracy theories
  • Arguments for and against these theories
  • Mistakes to avoid when arguing or debating conspiracies
  • The Truth

Notable Quotes:

“We’re in this renaissance of conspiracy theory.” - Fraser Cain

“When I have an answer, I want to know that answer is the right answer.” - Dustin Gibson

“The skeptic community has done a lot of damage to itself.” - Tony Darnell

We as science communicators need to do a much better job in not getting upset.” - Tony Darnell

Main Timestamps:

7:36 - The Golden Age of Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theories are gaining traction through social media, YouTube, and other outlets. The question is: which theories have substance, and which are hollow like the moon (supposedly)?

26:48 -Flat Earth Discoveries

The methods used and discoveries made by flat Earth researchers are discussed in depth.

34:11 -How the Skeptic Community Hurts Itself

High profile skeptics, science communicators, and general science enthusiasts often find resistance when speaking with others about their ideas. We survey the pitfalls and common mistakes made and how they could be avoided to foster more positive communication among each party involved.

39:23 -Nibiru Approaches - How to Find Planet X

The mysterious Nibiru; the elusive Planet X; the impending cataclysm. Our hosts take a deep dive on this cosmic anomaly. What is it, what’s to come, and how can we find it?

53:04 -The Truth Behind the Moon Landing

“Why is the flag waving?” The ultimate conspiracy exposed. Join us in this crucial discussion covering the socio-political climate, the controversial waving flag, and what the answer means for all of us.

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