Robert Reeves and Moon Photography

Taking high quality images of our nearest celestial neighbor is harder than you think. Luckily we've brought Robert Reeves back to our podcast to help you take the best possible images of the Moon.

About Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves waxing crescentWaxing Crescent Feb. 13, 2013, by Robert Reeves

Lunar photography inspired Reeves from the time he had his first telescope. Since then he has become known in the astrophotography community as a lunar photography expert. Throughout the years Reeves has written many astronomy articles and has published several works of his own. His long-time dedication to observing and imaging the Moon has helped astrophotographers all over the world find their passion in lunar photography as well as visual astronomy.

Shooting the Moon with Lunar Expert Robert Reeves Timestamps

2:04 - The Power of the Radian Triad Filter

6:30 - Reeves work samples

8:20 -Gain - can you go too far?

12:55 - How Reeve got into tech support

14:20 - How Reeve found his passion in observing the Moon

23:09 - Friend andNASA astronaut, Don Pettit

27:01 - Getting more out of lunar astrophotography

29:33 - Processing lunar data

37:18 - Observing the beauty of the Moon and its geological features

40:25 - What Reeves uses to observe the Moon now

45:57 -Imaging the Moon for less today with the same quality that once was considered “best in the world”

49:52 - Highest resolution images taken of the Moon from Earth today

55:56- Imaging lunar eclipses

58:24 - Tips for imaging and observing the Moon

Check out our lunar photography video for more tips on how to capture the Moon!

For those that already have a setup or DSLR, adding a moon filter can help you achieve more detailed images or see more details of the Moon. If all you have is a phone at the moment, our smartphone accessories collection has a selection of some awesome tools to help you capture the night sky!

Where were you the first time you took a photo of the Moon? Let us know in the comments below!

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