PrimaLuceLab founder Filippo Bradaschia

Filippo Bradaschia

Purpose: Our hosts dive into the history of PrimaLuceLab and the founder himself, Filippo Bradaschia. He tells us how he got into astronomy and what his company is all about.

Flippo Bradaschia: The founder of esteemed PrimaLuceLabs has a long history in astronomy, starting at a very early age. He’s got an extensive background in geology and radio astronomy as well, which eventually led to his current space in the industry.

This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How a single cable can change the future
  • The fun philosophy behind Filippo’s company
  • A little taste of Italian culture and cuisine
  • The vast array of innovative PrimaLuceLab products

Notable Quotes:

“We want people to buy any telescope and make the most of it with our products."

“We are trying to merge our astronomy passion with something more science-focused.”

“We want to offer something that is both great and fun to use.”

Main Topics:

3:53 -How Filippo Got Started

First getting involved with radio telescopes, Filippo couldn’t find anywhere that readily offered these types of telescopes. Upon researching this scope type more and more with extremely complicated books not meant for rookies, he became determined to get his own setup going. Nowadays his company is developing their own radio telescopes to make this hobby more easily accessible. But his company is doing a lot more than this including producing the EAGLE3 and further iterations of it. PrimaLuceLab is continually growing, further cementing themselves as game-changers in the industry.

11:11 -Past Problems, Future Solutions

A single cable left behind. This was the major catalyst that sparked the development of the EAGLE. Every astrophotographer knows the struggle of bringing an extensive setup for imaging: your laptop, dew heaters, external power supply, guide scopes, cameras, cables, and more. The EAGLE was designed to simplify this whole process. Complete with a sleek Italian design and durable craft, this is meant to make the hobby more enjoyable than it already is. It’s got a Windows 10 OS built into the box and can run any software you desire for astrophotography. With the EAGLE, there’s no need to sit out in the cold, dark nights, and you can instead sit safe and warm inside your car, tent, or whatever it may be and control everything via WiFi.

20:33 -PrimaLuceLab’s Astrophotography Arsenal

The EAGLE is, of course, an incredible product, but this company has much more available than just this powerful computer. The ECCO device is for dew heater control; the ESATTO micro focuser with 0.04-micron precision; and the SESTO SENSO robotic focuser for automated focusing. These are just a few of the powerful, innovative products offered by PrimaLuceLab, and each one of them can be controlled by the EAGLE with ease. We as consumers often find it hard to believe in a company and their products, but PLL makes it easy with their dedication to accessibility and by mastering their craft.

30:54 -Food, Wine, & Filippo’s Italian Life

Filippo and our hosts talk food, wine, and more related to Italian culture, cuisine, and the general atmosphere. As the face of his company he has to travel a lot, and while he misses home, he certainly enjoys meeting with all of his fans and other industry leaders.

41:53 -Moving Forward with PrimaLuceLab

PrimaLuceLab is essentially two companies in one, focusing on both astrophotography and radio astronomy. The radio astronomy side has come along very well with a few designs fully fleshed out and more will come later. These function on 1,024 channels throughout the spectrum and are completely weatherproof. Innovation isn’t simply a goal for the company. It’s their mantra. Filippo and his associates will continue to build products and systems that solve problems prevalent throughout the industry. “There is no other choice.”

56:38 -Final Thoughts and Wrap-up

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