Expressing Your Space Passion w/ Cat Machin

Cat Machin Painting

Purpose:To hammer home the idea and the reality that we can all express our passions in any way we like, be it space-related or not. This one gets deep. You will not want to miss this.

Cat Machin:Most of us know her by now, but for those who don’t: she is a famous space artist creating paintings small and large. She’s donated enormous paintings to SpaceX and OPT, and her current project is a huge chandelier depicting the Milky Way Galaxy using ESA research data.

This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The reality of what it takes to follow your passions
  • How easy it is to get started
  • Some really inspirational knowledge
  • The wild ride that is Cat’s life and business
  • Why experiencing the universe is so important

Notable Quotes:

You are the first human in history to give other humans a way to experience their own home." - Dustin Gibson

A single vision can change the course of your life.” - Cathrin Machin

"It's too easy to get caught up in the mundane details of our lives.” - Tony Darnell

Main Topics:

12:00 -The Crazy Life of Cat

With her popularity surging ever higher every year, Cat enlightens us on what life has been like and what kind of projects she has going on now. From starting in just a corner of her home to taking over a printing company, and now craft a 26-foot wide rendition of the Milky Way in the form of a chandelier, she’s got a lot going on. How in the universe will she complete such a monumental task, you might ask? Tune in to get an idea of the insanely complicated process of this historic figure in-the-making.

18:45 -Promoting the Cosmic Perspective

If you can create that moment in other people when they realize something about themselves and about the universe, or about some other thing in the world that they didn’t realize before, that moment will change their life forever. This is essentially the idea behind Cat’s current chandelier project. This is the idea behind OPT’s global, free observatory project. Sometimes things should just exist--not necessarily for monetary profit, but rather for the betterment of humankind. The universe is full of immensely beautiful objects that all of us can experience if we want to.

28:14 -Astrophotography: A Civic Duty

The shared perspective among our hosts and guest is the recognition of the importance of astrophotography; or, in another sense, the necessity of adopting a universal perspective on life and allowing it to influence the way we view our own behaviors, concerns, and goals cannot be understated. This sense of perspective further enables us to be even better humans, both as a society and as individuals, because we’re forced into a wider perspective not so self-focused. The humbling yet inspiring grandeur of the cosmos beckons us to see it all in the big picture, and though we may be a minuscule piece of the universe, our actions and our lives will still ripple through the currents of our one and only civilization.

45:25 -Chasing and Embracing Your Passions

Cat shares her story, her challenges, and her strategies on how she realized what her true passion was and what she did to turn what she loved into a fully-fledged and lucrative lifestyle. She says to turn whatever you love into something functional and useful. Doing this empowers you to fully realize and commit to what you love while also making a living out of it. What did you love to do as a child? What stole your heart and captivated your mind? Find it and use it, embrace it, and creating something out of it. Take 2 of your favorite things and combine them. Make a product out of it. Produce something you lovefor society. This segment gets to the heart and reality of what it means to truly chase your passions. Do not miss this.

55:56 - The Business of it All

When it comes to the competitive side of her business, Cat does not see other upcoming artists as competitors. By actively promoting these artists she is essentially fostering copies of herself to further promote the beauty of space. “Helping people is the point” of all of this. When somebody is fully able to follow their passions and produce something to society as a result, we all benefit. No matter what your platform is, allow yourself to sell and earn money as a result of your efforts. Some people feel bad about taking money for their work, as if they don’t truly deserve it, or if they took the money it would taint the process, but this is not how it should be. The reason is: once you have a purpose behind your work, any cash flow you acquire can be used to funnel your passion and purpose back into the community. The goal is to create for a purpose that you believe in and that others are willing to get behind, but it all starts with you.

73:25 -Final Thoughts and Wrap-up

Do you think this is advice anyone can follow? How have you embraced your own passions and hobbies? Let us know in the comments below!

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