Learn How To Polar Align Your Equatorial Mount πŸ”­

Learn how to polar align your equatorial mount with this easy astrophotography tutorial!

OPT experts walk you through the essential step to capture stunning astro-images, which is polar alignment. Learning this astrophotography skill is important, especially when it comes to longer focal lengths.

The five most important things to remember when polar aligning you EQ mount

  1. Make sure your equipment is fully set up.
  2. Get rough alignment and set your latitude after finding Polaris.
  3. Turn your declination access to 90 degrees and make sure the mount's polar clock is aligned correctly.
  4. Use a polar clock app to find out where Polaris should be placed to align with the North Celestial Pole (NCP).
  5. Use the azimuth and altitude knobs to make your final adjustments!

By following these tips on how to polar align your equatorial mount, you will get rid of star trails in your pictures, producing brighter and clearer astronomy photos!

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